Background and vision

The reason we are still putting our feet down on this planet is our ability to learn. From the day the first person was born about 300,000 years ago, our brain’s incredible capacity has helped us survive and create opportunities for development. But it has also led us in the wrong direction sometimes.
We are curious about how we can expand our thinking to make ourselves and others as good as possible and we are happy if we can somehow share it with you.

You are responsible for your own learning!

We live in a time when we have incredible opportunities for learning, no matter where or who we are and we do not need any special rooms or institutes for doing this. The best place for learning is inside yourself.

Learning is an active process that is closely linked to our emotions and it’s easy to fall into the trap of just listening and feeling instead of thinking.
Our vision is to let hierarchy, premises, and physical spaces subordinate to our ability to think.

Our three guiding questions.

  1. How our engine; the brain and body make us think.
  2. How identification and learning affect our thinking.
  3. How and if there is an opportunity to take control of our personality and our emotions to become a better “thinker”. To “hack” your brain.