Good to know

Today, politicians express that we are facing a paradigm-changing way of thinking.
Thinking in a new way can be both exciting and scary, but rarely not, something unique. Even if, in a period, something seems unthinkable, it can return. How many people, for example, thought in 1946 that leading European politicians in 2022 would base their thinking on Fascist and Nazi ideologies?
For me, a new way of thinking has two essential parts. The first is about how to solve necessary circumstances, such as building infrastructures for water, heat, and access to food and social relations, primary things for our well-being and survival. Number two is being influenced by others, where our emotions play a decisive role. A situation where people affect people into collective thinking to achieve their own goals and intentions.
Where will this take us this time if we agree that there is a thought paradigm? Towards increased humanism or trenches? Only time will give us the answer. But remember that the way we think today will shape tomorrow’s future.
How do we expect our own future to look, and how do we expect our common future to look? The question is fundamental because we open the doors to the opposite without dreams of a good society.
We must also remember that our entire social structure is based on the fact that the less the broad masses think and react, the greater the scope for, exactly, the possibility of managing the broad masses’ thinking. Therefore we can probably rightly say that the phenomenon is alive because many leaders for the people today can tell lies (and we understand that it’s lies) and turn them into truths and go unchallenged.
Therefore, for the survival of all of us and our children’s future, it is high time to challenge both our own and others’ thoughts and ingrained patterns, and that’s how it is for me too.
My thoughts about how we think today need a little more time; therefore, the promised course material will be challenged and reworked. However, without knowing exactly when this will be ready, I will still present videos and unedited material that you are welcome to think about and react too.
The vision “be as good as you can” is firm!

Be As Good As You Can have the target to explore how we think in different situations and the consequences and opportunities this gives us.

We like to think in “black or white.” It’s easy and comfortable. A more colorful thinking needs time, reflection, and the courage to challenge our thought.

Twelve modules about thinking

Module 01 – Motivation
Module 02 – Identification
Module 03 – Linear thinking
Module 04 – The brain and the body
Module 05 – Learning
Module 06 – I, WE, and THEY
Module 07 – Listening, thinking, and speaking
Module 08 – Thinking about money and benefit
Module 09 – Easy thinking
Module 10 – Storytelling
Module 11 – Self-esteem
Module 12 – Hack your brain
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