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Welcome to Some useful information about the course


The course is based on different theories about how we think and what consequences and opportunities it gives. If you choose to follow the course, I will ask you to value as little as possible and open yourself to thinking in different directions, even if it can be emotionally challenging.

The course is divided into modules that are discussed in a small reference group before they are presented.

Bodil J├Ânsson, a Swedish physicist, once coined the expression “Thoughts take time.”
We are today living a speedily life with quick and easy answers and not so much time for thinking. And we also belive, as you will see later in the course, that it is dangerous to narrow oneself into a specific subject area if one focuses on thinking.

Therefore, the course moves between different areas of knowledge with a considerable focus on social psychology and cognitive behavior, history, philosophically and biologically, etc. Everything with a connection to thinking and learning.

The course is divided into independent modules, and the first three are
– Module 1 is a shorter introduction with the theme of motivation.
– Module 2 is about identification. How and why it is necessary to identify ourselves and others, possibilities, and consequences.
– Module 3 is about how we live in a structure with a direct descending line from gods to being inhuman.

In module 4, we will focus on learning that is the reason why we humans still roam this planet. Learning as simplified consists of information, process, and understanding (how we perceive, interpret the information, and use it). Your brain takes in enormous information, processes it, and sends it back in portions full of feelings. Your brain wants you well and gives you the information it thinks you want to hear, something that easy can mislead you.

We all carry the same fantastic brain as our ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago, and of course, during that journey, we have been programmed with primitive solutions.
Our brain’s primary mission is to make us survive. But, at the same time, we can understand that we become more robust if we are a collective. A paradox we have to handle all the time in our life. Added to that our brains are pretty lazy and easily distract us from difficult and tricky thoughts. And this is a big resound for the need to improve our thinking.

Although when we look back at human history, we can state that we create better and better living conditions for most people. But this has not been a straight path. We have constantly demolished people’s lives and later start rebuilding. Of course, it’s easy to put the responsibility on someone else, but basically, it’s about our way of thinking.

You should also be aware that thinking is not just about reflecting and valuing the thoughts and behaviors of others; it’s also about putting yourself in the driver’s seat and processing your thoughts and actions. The course title is “Be As Good As YOU Can,” and the main character is yourself.

Note also that the course and the webpage are under construction. We hope we can fulfill the goal to provide you with a module every month for ten months with written material and videos. As you are the main person, we will also provide you with several issues during certification. Unfortunately, we are not done with this yet, but it will come. We will also later invite you to open video seminars where you are welcome to contribute or also hold meetings together with us.

Finally, I would one more time to explain that we are in the construction phase and hope you have patience with this!

Welcome again, and in conclusion, I would like to agree with what Albert Einstein once said:
“Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think.”