Your next step

What’s your next step?

As long as you live you will always take a new step, even if sometimes it is a tiny one. But no matter what action you are thinking about, the questions are always there; what and how.

Everything we do and dream about has a price and requires sacrifice. Nothing we do is free! But if you want to feel good in the long run, your decision must be your decision. But be prepared; there are many people and a lot of circumstances that will affect you.

Your dad dreams that you will become a great football player. Your mother thinks it’s okay if you get married and have children. Your teacher who thinks you are stupid and completely useless. Your friends want you to fill your place in the group. You are tired of your job and the people you are working with and dreaming about a change. Feel free to fill out the list with things that suit you.

No matter what situation you are in, it is never wrong to think more than once about your path and situation. And the best thing to do is to get a “second opinion,” someone who gives you some perspective and expands your thinking opportunities. Usually, it can be a good friend who helps you. But often, even your best friend has an emotional relationship with you and is happy to give you the advice he thinks you want to hear.

If you want a conversation about your next step, future path, and perspective, I can help you.

You can meet me online, and the first two times are free. After that, it costs 10 € per occasion. Each session is 45 minutes. Of course, we can also agree on other arrangements.

Everything we do always starts with a first step. Before adolescence, this usually happens quite naturally. After that, it is good to think about what and why. Do not forget that it is easy to fall into the trap that your path will be “carved in stone.” However, humans have an incredible ability and opportunity to change, and everyone I have met has the capacity for this regardless of the environmental signals.

Welcome to an introductory conversation!

Send an email, and I will return with suggestions for times and a link to a meeting room.